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The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy joins the rest of Zimbabwe in commemorating the Heroes Day. We celebrate the selfless sacrifices made by heroes and heroines, both fallen and living. Heroes and heroines untangled the shackles of colonialism, imperialism which enslaved our fore fathers.

The spirit of heroism of our land is an inextinguishable flame that continues to burn to times immemorial. While we do not need new war heroes we require new heroes of economic emancipation, ambassadors of development. We with increased pride and vigour celebrate this hard won victory of our Nation.

We build our bright future with renewed energy to turn our economic wheels into wheels of prosperity and unity. We harbour the boundless Zimbabwe spirit to navigate further as a united nation. We have crossed many obstacles, crossed many rivers and they are still many more mountains to climb to our journey of economic prosperity.

As we reflect on what has been achieved, let us become heroes for a new vision for Zimbabwe. Let us pursue that vision with faith, optimism and a sense of purpose. May the spirit of unity and forgiveness be the guiding torch and umbrella of our nation as we brace for our economic liberation. May the fallen heroes’ remind us to be more loving and caring for each other.

Diplomatic Passport for Members of Parliament…? PDF Print E-mail

A diplomatic passport is a passport which is issued to officials of state and

government who travel internationally on official state business. Diplomatic
passports are typically given to diplomats and consuls when they are posted
overseas, and they may be issued to other eminent persons and envoys with
special representation and functions of state and government depending of the
specialty of their functioning.

International practice has it that Members of Legislative bodies are not
necessarily entitled to diplomatic and official passports as they represent diverse
political, social and economic groupings within their countries and constituencies.
A diplomatic passport may actually inhibit the freedom of expression and impair
their ability to represent their respective political constituencies.
A holder of a diplomatic passport is bound not to contradict the issuer of the
diplomatic passport and it would imply that MPs have to follow state and
government directives at any given time without any exceptions as they are
operating as privileges and immunities so given to them in their passport ensure
conditions for them to fully represent, unimpeded, respective states and

A holder of a diplomatic passport may not travel to a second or third country
without a Note Verbale (state letter) requesting the second or third party to issue
a visa to a holder of a diplomatic passport. Such practice allows the receiving
state to accord the holder of the diplomatic passport the necessary privileges and
immunities and other entitlements in terms of International Protocol and

Upon arriving in a receiving state the diplomatic passport holder has to inform the
embassy of his country that he has arrived. This is the reason why the diplomatic
passport is issued to members of the executives, that is, VIPs, ministers of a
sending state or government, other special envoys and senior civil servants. It
goes without saying that all representatives of Zimbabwe working and accredited
to foreign missions and International Governmental Organizations are issued
with diplomatic passports to allow sojourn, unimpeded movement and full
functioning conditions so they can enjoy the full privileges and immunities as
espoused in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), (VCDR) and
the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963), (VCCR).

Certain types of personnel on various special missions and children and other
dependents of Zimbabwean diplomats are issued with service passports;
spouses of ambassadors, however, are issued with diplomatic passports.

Flushing diplomatic passports to members of parliament and other legislators will
reduce the credibility of the document and will remain a mockery to the VCDR as
well as the VCCR which specifically stipulates diplomatic passport must be given
to people travelling on official state business.

V. A Chikanda

Chairpersons Africa Day Message 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Today, the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy fraternity joins Africa and the World in commemorating the founding of the Organisation of the African Unity, 53 years ago, now the African Union. 32 independent African states gathered to sign the Organisation's founding charter in Addis Ababa symbolizing unity and solidarity of the African states.

African leaders made a commitment to work together towards a brighter future for the whole of the continent. A great deal has been accomplished by the Africans since then, often in the face of considerable challenges. We join other Africans to renew our pledge to work together for the renaissance and renewal of the African continent and the advancement of Africans wherever they may be.

On this day, wherever we may be, we should be proud of our identity as Africans and do nothing that brings shame and humiliation to ourselves both as Zimbabweans and as Africans. Let us remain vigilant and continue safeguarding our resources against external forces. Africa’s problems should be solved by Africans. The future of the continent should be in the hands of African citizens.

May Diplomacy, Unity and Innovative thinking reside in us as One People with a common destiny. May Diplomacy, Protocol and Soft Skills application among us drive away corruption, inefficiency and lack of development. May the key of respect and affiliation, creed and ideas be a source of strength and beauty of our Africanness.

May victory and the way we celebrate it show that we cherish, care and love our people and may the victory lead us to prosperity, peace and everlasting happiness.

Long live the African Union and long live its conviction and sense of purpose in improving the well-being and opportunities for Africans and the developing world.

Happy Africa Day!!

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