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The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy English for Diplomats course is specifically designed to develop the English language skills required by diplomats and ambassadors in the everyday operation of their office. The course focuses in particular on improving oral communication skills, in formal presentation, meeting and negotiation scenarios and more informal social situations. It seeks to develop the English language skills for: Communicating effectively and confidently in English; Preparing and delivering speeches and presentations on a wide range of topics; Conducting negotiations; Chairing and participating in meetings and conferences; Discussing current and foreign affairs; Speed-reading for specific information and absorbing high volumes of information in short periods of time; Writing clear and concise E-Mails and letters; Making and receiving telephone calls; Entertaining diplomatic guests; Training Focuses also on developing  writing skills.

Course Objectives:


Done in Levels 1-6, the course’s objectives are the improvement in English writing, reading, comprehension and speaking; improved ability to summarize English texts; improved ability to understand different types of English texts; improved ability to write different types of English documents; analysis and evaluation; press analysis and public diplomacy; improved familiarity with important English concepts associated with diplomacy. It encompasses English Grammar; Content; comprehension and diplomatic vocabulary; conferencing language; protocol language; negotiation syntax and conflict resolution terms.

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