Today, the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy fraternity joins Africa and the World in commemorating the founding of the Organisation of the African Unity, 53 years ago, now the African Union. 32 independent African states gathered to sign the Organisation's founding charter in Addis Ababa symbolizing unity and solidarity of the African states.

African leaders made a commitment to work together towards a brighter future for the whole of the continent. A great deal has been accomplished by the Africans since then, often in the face of considerable challenges. We join other Africans to renew our pledge to work together for the renaissance and renewal of the African continent and the advancement of Africans wherever they may be.

On this day, wherever we may be, we should be proud of our identity as Africans and do nothing that brings shame and humiliation to ourselves both as Zimbabweans and as Africans. Let us remain vigilant and continue safeguarding our resources against external forces. Africa’s problems should be solved by Africans. The future of the continent should be in the hands of African citizens.

May Diplomacy, Unity and Innovative thinking reside in us as One People with a common destiny. May Diplomacy, Protocol and Soft Skills application among us drive away corruption, inefficiency and lack of development. May the key of respect and affiliation, creed and ideas be a source of strength and beauty of our Africanness.

May victory and the way we celebrate it show that we cherish, care and love our people and may the victory lead us to prosperity, peace and everlasting happiness.

Long live the African Union and long live its conviction and sense of purpose in improving the well-being and opportunities for Africans and the developing world.

Happy Africa Day!!