The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy joins the rest of Zimbabwe in commemorating the Heroes Day. We celebrate the selfless sacrifices made by heroes and heroines, both fallen and living. Heroes and heroines untangled the shackles of colonialism, imperialism which enslaved our fore fathers.

The spirit of heroism of our land is an inextinguishable flame that continues to burn to times immemorial. While we do not need new war heroes we require new heroes of economic emancipation, ambassadors of development. We with increased pride and vigour celebrate this hard won victory of our Nation.

We build our bright future with renewed energy to turn our economic wheels into wheels of prosperity and unity. We harbour the boundless Zimbabwe spirit to navigate further as a united nation. We have crossed many obstacles, crossed many rivers and they are still many more mountains to climb to our journey of economic prosperity.

As we reflect on what has been achieved, let us become heroes for a new vision for Zimbabwe. Let us pursue that vision with faith, optimism and a sense of purpose. May the spirit of unity and forgiveness be the guiding torch and umbrella of our nation as we brace for our economic liberation. May the fallen heroes’ remind us to be more loving and caring for each other.