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Wednesday, 14 July 2010 04:30

The term “Protocol” comes from the Greek words “the first glue” Protocol is used in multinational corporations, government circles, embassies and public relations offices .The training of Protocol will serve as the guide for all employees in need of a use of the diplomatic protocol, corporate protocol and social etiquette, in both public and private affairs. In addition its purpose is to assist executives in reaching their full potential knowing that companies improve when people improve. Knowledge of business protocol and interpersonal communication skills builds trust relationships with internal and external customers. Protocol intelligence will propel the participants to world class status allowing you to increase your ability to work in a global environment by communicating with more sensitive minimising language barriers and better interpreting audiences, theory tripping the scale in your favor.


  • To understand the importance of Protocol and Etiquette.
  • Know how to handle any diplomatic/business/social situation and gain self-confidence while interacting with any level of management.
  • To be able to understand and avoid social “red flags”
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