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Sunday, 18 July 2010 13:10

The media are in general a very hostile environment, where words become bombs that are guided by laser to hit their target. If you, your organization or your country gets hit, you become what the military call collateral damage. Learn how to handle the media effectively and enjoy working with journalists without fear.

Module One

Structure and Operations of the International Media

  • Coordination of international media networks;
  • Impact of global television on foreign policy formulation;
  • Competing information sources;
  • Tone of Reportage;
  • Global media create high expectations;
  • Fighting Impulsiveness;
  • Journalistic Standards; and
  • Public Diplomacy, Global Media and ICT.

Module Two


Media Handling Skills

  • The three A’s (Aim, Audience and Angle);
  • What is a story?
  • Media Interviews;
  • Avoiding Abstract Language;
  • Media Relations;
  • The Rise and Rise of Vox Populli;
  • Media Business is very Big Business;
  • Public Relations Liaison;
  • Media/Press Releases;
  • Writing Techniques/ Developing Writing Skills;
  • Power of Detail;
  • Media Interviews > Radio and TV Strategy;
  • Questions from Hell > How to handle difficult questions;
  • Bridging Techniques;
  • Managing the Message; and
  • Knowing Your Critics

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