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“Sport has given us an escape from the hectic life we live and a place of childhood fun”


  • To create Diplomacy in Sports and Culture.
  • Bring people together from all over the world in the context of Sports.
  • Assist International co-operation.
  • To market and promote the effective method of dialogue, which was achieved primarily through Education, with International Sporting projects and Cultural Diplomatic, endeavors.
  • Achieve a greater understanding between cultures and states and subsequently forging an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Strategic Objectives

  • To present, defend and promote the interests of people on African continent and the developing world
  • To Educate people for decision making
  • Implement a comprehensive nation response to H.I.V and AIDS

Strategic Goals

  • Developing and participation of sports and recreation at all levels to address the issue of transformation, nation building and to improve peoples lives
  • To create a stress free environment
  • Unleashing of capabilities
  • To add value to our culture
  • To reduce instability of the mindset
  • To deliver quality training for the people
  • To improve people´s life style


  • Consultation
  • Service standards
  • Openness and transparency


  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Cricket

Training Modules on offer

Cultural and Sport Diplomacy Module

This course is designed to enable the student to recognize and critique sport as a social, cultural, anthropological and historical phenomenon; to consider sport as a social institution and to analyze the various roles and implications of play, games and sport in the contemporary world. We will use a cultural perspective to explore meaning in sport and its reflections of society. Additionally, the course will focus on the identification of socio-economic and cultural issues in sport situations, analyzing the (personal and collective) actions and decisions as to value orientations and cultural ideology-formation. The student will be encouraged to identify and formulate an introspective, knowledgeable and ethical base for one’s own functioning in a sport-oriented career

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