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The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy conducted a four-day Accelerated training in Diplomacy, Diplomatic  Practice, Business Protocol, Etiquette, Grooming, Efficacy and Professional Branding for the Zambezi Watercourse Commission (ZAMCOM), a SADC member driven institution.

The training was tailor made and designed for ZAMCOM staff who get to conduct business meetings with government officials. The training  covered Business Protocol, Diplomacy, Etiquette, Customer Service, Business Negotiation Skills, Leadership skills, Contemporary Diplomacy and International Relations, International Relations, Water Diplomacy, International Organizations, Media Management Techniques, Grooming and Professional Branding. Mr. V.A. Chikanda, a Diplomacy, Protocol and Professional Grooming Academic at the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy facilitated the workshop.

The participants also did a practical session on Negotiation Skills and they performed very well. At the end of the workshop participants were awarded Certificates. All in all, the ZAMCOM staff gave a positive review of the training.