Executive Certificate in Diplomacy, Protocol, Etiquette & Professional Branding

Executive Certificate in
Diplomacy, Protocol, Etiquette & Professional Branding
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Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy & International Relations Change the way you approach your professional career and apply today Apply Now Executive and Personal Assistants Coaching
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Welcome to the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy

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    Who We Are

    The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy is a vocational and tertiary educational Institution offering practical training in Soft Skills; Contemporary Diplomacy; Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette; Communication Skills; Leadership Development; Customer Care Etiquettes; Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills; Contemporary International Relations & International Law; Stress Management Techniques and Professional Grooming. Its clients include the Corporate World, Business Executives, Small and Medium-sized businesses, Marketing and Advisory Experts, Public Relations Managers, Branding Managers, Churches and International Organizations, Private and Public sectors, Public Servants and Private Individuals locally and throughout the region.

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    Our Vision and Mission

    The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy strives to be the ultimate Centre for Excellence in Training and Research in Bilateral and Multilateral Diplomacy, Foreign Policy,International Relations,Diplomatic and Corporate Protocol ,Diplomatic and Corporate Etiquette,Diplomatic Law,Diplomacy and Crisis Management,Administrative Strategic Thinking and Analysis,International Security Solutions, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Negotiation Skills, Peace Making Processes, Communication Skills, Humanitarian Law Policy, Diplomatic Leadership Empowerment Techniques, Grooming and Deportment, Cross Cultural Business Ethics and Tourism Promotion

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    Departments and Programs

    Our Institution is split up into a series of four different schools that we have hand crafted to help you achieve all your professional needs.

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    How to apply?

    GENERAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Certificate programmes take all higher qualifications however the minimum entry requirements are as follows: 5 Ordinary Level passes including English language; or a relevant first degree; or any relevant professional qualification; or work related experience The minimum entry requirements for the Diploma programmes are as follows: An acceptable and relevant Bachelor degree from a recognised University; or An Executive Certificate in Diplomacy or International Relations; and 5 Ordinary Level passes including English language; Work related experience; or Any relevant professional qualification Applicants for the Diploma programmes are not required to demonstrate competence in mathematics
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    What Next?

    Our programs are a series of professional and polishing courses that assist in the possible placement, promotion and acceleration of an individual into both the Public and Private Employment Sectors, for work in International Organisations; Diplomatic Missions; Foreign Services and Corporate Sectors including formal and non-formal sectors. The course enhances individual initiatives; innovative skills and adds value to the province of business and private relationships management.The course centres on calculated acceptable demeanours, efficacy and professionalism in the conduct of business and will certainly enhance employment opportunities for a person who completes it.

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To be a fountain and hub for knowledge and a Centre for Excellence in Capacity Development Training, Coaching, Mentorship and Research.