‘Stop worrying and start leaving’

The Mt Pleasant  High  School  senior  staff, teachers and the general staff were left in a jovial mood after Mr. V. A Chikanda imparted  them with stress management techniques. The current situation in the country is affecting everyone including teachers who actually play a significant role in shaping a country therefore stress management  training is a necessity for these mentors to keep on focused and unwavering. The facilitator vividly emphasized that even birds are not aware of what they will eat on daily basis, however they still sing beautiful songs. Teachers were encouraged to soldier on despite economic hardships. A myriad  of the aspects were covered in the training which  included  body general adaptation and response to stress, signs and symptoms of stress, causes of stress, effects of stress how to reduce job stress, burnout,  adaptor to the stressor, stress reduction tips, only to mention but a few.

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