‘Unblock Cuba’ A call from the International Community

United States of America’s foreign policies towards other states have been mostly based on coercive diplomacy. Cuba being the longest country under USA sanctions and unilateralism towards these sanctions has taken center stage in how USA is handling the matter. The international community is collectively condemning the US blockade against Cuba which is a violation of the principles of the United Nations. The Cuban Embassy in Zimbabwe discussed on ‘Condemning the US blockade to Cuba’ and the new sanctions that it has imposed on Cuba. The Panelists which included Mr V.A Chikanda Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy analyzed the problems caused by the  embargo. The blockade is contributing towards increased debts, creating illegal businesses not acceptable to modern state systems and effect on the state’s self-defense capability. The blockade was described as an avenue for USA to create puppets in a neocolonial order who will dance to its tune.

                                   #UNBLOCK CUBA!!

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