Diplomat of the Year Awards 2019

Ambassadors, Heads of Mission and International Organizations, the Diplomatic Corps. Government Officials, the Public and Corporate World in Zimbabwe will be convening for the Diplomat of the Year Awards Ultimate Dinner and Gala at the Cresta Lodge, Harare. All roads in the Sunshine City of Harare will be leading to the rendezvous and is it also expected that ” Traffic Police Officers with diplomatic banners will control traffic”.

“It is easy to sit up and take notice. What is difficult is standing up and taking action. Today we are celebrating the fact that someone stood up and took that action. Today we are celebrating enthusiasm, commitment and sheer hard work of various ambassadors.” These words will be read on behalf of the Chairperson of the Diplomacy Appreciation Trust {DAT}chair, Mr V A Chikanda who is also the Chairperson and Founder of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy.

The journey of the awards started with a humble step by Mr Reginald Chapfunga who 9 years ago founded the Awards. On this Diplomacy appreciation Gala, it is expected that Mr Chapfunga will personally express how happy he is to see his dream come true. The awards are being celebrated at a very difficult moment for Zimbabwe enmeshed with the ravaging Idai Cyclone. It is expected that a minute of silence will be observed to the victims of the “angry lady” at the start of the event.

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