ZID attends National Day of Kuwait Celebrations

Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy joined the Embassy of the State of Kuwait to commemorate national day held in the Sun Shine City at Rainbow Towers. The event, which took place on February 25th, 2024, marked the 63rd anniversary of Kuwait’s independence and the 31st anniversary of the country’s liberation from occupation. The celebration was attended by diplomats, government officials, members of the Kuwaiti community in Zimbabwe and other dignitaries. The event featured traditional Kuwaiti music, dance performances and a display of Kuwaiti culture and heritage. During the event, speakers highlighted the strong bilateral relations between Kuwait and Zimbabwe, emphasising the importance of diplomacy in promoting peace, cooperation, and understanding between nations. They also discussed the significant contributions of Kuwait to the international community, particularly in humanitarian aid and development assistance.

The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy plays a crucial role in fostering diplomatic relations and promoting international cooperation. Events like the national day celebration of Kuwait provide an opportunity for diplomats and officials to come together, strengthen ties, and celebrate the rich diversity of cultures and traditions around the world. The commemoration of Kuwait’s national day was a heartfelt and memorable occasion, underscoring the importance of diplomacy in building bridges between nations and promoting mutual respect and understanding. The event served as a reminder of the enduring friendship between Kuwait and Zimbabwe and the shared values that unite them on the global stage.