Cde Saleh Hijazi delivered a Public Lecture webinar on 26 September 2022. He presented on the topic “ Dismantling Israeli Apartheid, Decolonizing Palestine: the Role of the International Community”. The Webinar was hosted by the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Palestine Solidarity Council.. In his presentation Cde Saleh emphasized that ” International solidarity does not mean charity”.  He also highlighted the double standards within the crux of the International community on the Palestine question and in particular how some western nations like the USA were treating Israelis with kid gloves while Israel continues to commit heinous crimes against humanity and the Palestinian People. He called for a complete boycott of Israel and Israeli goods and services. He commended African countries for the continued support they give to Palestine and implored them to reverse any dream of Israeli membership to the African Union.


It was graced by Ms. Tipei Lorata Dube from Zimbabwe Palestine Solidarity Council, Mr  Chikanda, Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy and Thembinkosi Dhliwayo ZID Diploma Students ,Zimbabwe Palestine Solidarity Council members such as  ZPSC Chairman Mafa K Mafa, Shoulder to Shoulder With Palestine, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists – ZIMOPAS ,African Diplomacy for Palestine ,Broad Alliance Against Sanctions, Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Trust Apostolic Bishop Network, Young Global Leaders Network, Esteem Communications, Music for Development Foundation. The participants assured that they will never cease standing with Palestine for the sake of humanity.