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Monitoring and Evaluation Coaching

The importance of Monitoring & Evaluation in current development & humanitarian programs cannot be over emphasized. M&E implementation in programs helps in improving performance and achieving results. Currently there is a huge shift to Results Based Management (RBM) which requires that organizations manage projects and programs for results. In order to account for these results, Monitoring & Evaluation implementation becomes paramount in accounting for pledged results by the implementers to project beneficiaries, donors and partners. ENROLL NOW AT THE ZIMBABWE INSTITUTE OF DIPLOMACY! Sharpen your project assessment skills!




The course addresses M&E for the entire results chain, including M&E data management, analysis and reporting, as well as the all-important outcomes. Individuals, who are responsible for project or program-level M&E, will benefit from the latest M&E thinking and practice.




Through expert delivery of the course contents, using the best approaches to illustrate the theoretical concepts, practical sessions, group exercise among others, participants will be able to acquire useful skills to apply in their organizations at the end of the course. The first half of the course gives a complete overview of M&E for projects and programs. The second half provides an opportunity to really develop different key elements such as log frames, M&E plans, Theory of Change and evaluation techniques. A suitable practical project of an organization will be used to illustrate concepts for participants’ understanding.




The course aims to contribute to the development of a critical mass of Monitoring and Evaluation practitioners by exposing participants to the different ways that policy makers can assess interventions and track the different activities that constitute a project or program.




The objectives of the course are to:

➢ Define the major concepts of M&E

➢ Discuss the role and importance of M&E in the Zimbabwean national development context

➢ Identify the main components of an M&E system

➢ Enable participants to use different M&E frameworks

➢ Identify M&E stakeholders and the role they should play in the process

➢ Design an M&E system for the organization

➢ Equip participants with the necessary tools to effectively use and communicate information collected through M&E.

➢ Integrate M & E into the Results-Based Management (RMB) framework


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