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The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy joins Africa and the rest of the World in celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Africa, the  Mother of Mankind. As we celebrate this day we reminisce and remember the invaluable sacrifices our departed and living Heroes and Heroines made to liberation and freedom of Mother Africa.

As a United  Africa, we now face with boldness, zeal and vigor the challenges of Africa’s participation in the 4th Industrial Revolution and Economic emancipation. As Africans, we remain resolute and firmly committed to create the Africa We Want and meet vision 2063. We call upon Africa to create a new Africa founded on increased love, care and Freedom, Peace and Development. We are convinced and remain resolute that Africa should play its role and destiny in shaping the International Political Economy and be a cornerstone and essential building block of the World Economy. Diplomacy, Soft skills, financial and political hygiene should be our eyes and transport into the bliss of the bright African futures.


Long Live Africa !