The Birth Of The Forum For African Diplomacy

The Diplomacy, Protocol and Branding Expert as well as the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy, Mr V. A. Chikanda joined other Diplomatic Academies, Research Institutions and Universities in the 2nd African Diplomacy Conference in South Africa which among other things witnessed the birth of the Forum for African Diplomacy. The Conference deliberated on the theme, “African Diplomacy in a State of Complex Global Uncertainty: Critical Threats, Leveraging Opportunities and Meeting Challenges through African Solutions”. So many countries signed the agreement and Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy became a founding member. The main purpose of the Forum is to create a platform for closer cooperation among the African Diplomatic Academies and Research Institutions. The Permanent Secretariat for the Forum will be hosted by the Branch; Diplomatic Training, Research and Development at the Department of International Relations and Cooperation of the Republic of South Africa.


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