Academic Chikanda lectures at Men of Wisdom Conference

Mr V.A. Chikanda, a Diplomacy and Protocol Academic at the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy was guest speaker at the Wise Men Conference hosted by the ZAOGA church (Masvingo Zone, in Mucheke Suburb) under the theme Man of Integrity. The theme was ignited by Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti, the founding father of ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries who lived the spiritual policy,”If you want  to build a ship don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders, instead teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea” .The Conference was dedicated to the Man of Integrity and the concept that Man must lead. Guest speakers and panelists included the Vice Chancellor of the ZEGU University, an affiliation of ZAOGA and Academic Chikanda. Mr Chikanda gave a practical guideline on Stress management and Grooming, Cleanliness, Physical and Professional Hygiene for the Men of Integrity. In his concluding remarks, Mr Chikanda quoted Apostle Guti’s words, “ The love of money will destroy the Church.” He exhorted the Men of Wisdom to remain united as Apostle Guti already created many Ezekiels to spread Forward in Faith Ministries world-wide.