2024 has arrived and it’s never too late to make a positive impact and change your outlook through accelerated programmes offered by the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy. Our programs cater for corporates, companies and individuals and are designed for personalities ready to break the ceiling and reach for the stars. We offer tailor-made programmes for Government Officials and members of the Foreign Ministry, which will equip them with skills in Diplomatic Practice, International Law, Leadership, the language of Diplomatic documents and Stress Management. Corporates can benefit from our expertise in Customer Care, Professionalism, Self Projection, Business and Social Etiquette Training, Grooming and Deportment, as well as dealing with the media. The Executive Certificate In Diplomacy, Protocol, Etiquette and Professional Branding is designed for individuals and select groups looking to take the first step in transforming their careers. Acquire skills in Professional Branding, Negotiation, Stress Management and Business Etiquette with our Executive Certificate. Our experience speaks for itself as we have worked with governments, corporations, members of the Foreign Ministry and our regional partners. Let the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy help you discover your true potential and be part of your success story in 2024.