International Business Negotiation Skills


Learning, understanding and applying negotiation skills has become more important than ever in the marketplace as we deal with more interpersonal complexities and work with lesser resources in a time-compressed world.

We negotiate all the time, with our bosses, with customers and suppliers, with friends and with family members. Negotiation is a process whereby people deal with their differences. To negotiate is to achieve mutual agreement through a progressive and productive dialogue.

Course Objectives

On completion of this program the participants will be able to:

Create a collaborative climate for a negotiation

Control the negotiation regardless of the style you meet

Positively influence all aspects of a negotiation

Minimise resistance from the other party

Prepare strategically

Handle concessions with confidence

Build an agreement using a four steps method

Manage difficult negotiation situations

Approach cross-cultural negotiation more confidently

Convince them in 30seconds

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