Environmental Diplomacy

Course overview

The Course aims to serve as a forum for fostering diplomacy in global environmental issues and for taking stock of contemporary developments and diplomatic efforts in the negotiation and implementation of multilateral environmental agreements and diplomatic practices in this field. The ultimate aim of the course is to improve environmental diplomacy and negotiation capacity and governance worldwide.


To teach and train present or future diplomat, negotiator, policy and decision-maker in a government, regional intergovernmental body, local authority, the private sector, civic society, NGOs, I.G.Os and trade unions :

  • The nature and tactics used to strengthen dialogue in understanding diplomacy to affect effective environmental negotiation techniques.
  • State diplomacy.
  • State Protocol on how to deal with other States, (Green Diplomacy)
  • Participate in global negotiations on environmental issues
  • Find diplomatic and constructive solutions to the contemporary environment challenges.


  1. Global diplomacy and the environment
  2. Application and Impact of International Law on Environmental Diplomacy 
  3. Balancing conflict on Environmental Diplomacy and National Security
  4. Relationship between Business Diplomacy and Environmental Diplomacy
  5. Diplomacy in Trade and the Environment
  6. Civil Society and Environmental Diplomacy
  7. Impact of Environmental Diplomacy and biodiversity
  8. Contemporary diplomatic issues on Environmental governance 
  9. International Environmental issues: Constraints  and Opportunities in Economic, Social, Political and Legal environments

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