About Us

What is the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy

The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy is based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Its town offices and Harare Campus are situated at the 13 Crichton Avenue, Marlborough, Harare. It is an accredited Institute of Diplomacy offering Training and Research in Bilateral and Multilateral Diplomacy, Diplomatic and Corporate Protocol , Diplomatic and Corporate Etiquette, Foreign Policy, International Relations, Diplomatic Law, Conference Diplomacy, Administrative Strategic Thinking and Analysis, Treaty Making Processes, Law of Treaties, Economic Policies, Negotiation Skills, mediation and Conflict Resolution, International security solutions, Diplomacy and Crisis Management, International Conference and Procedures, Diplomatic Leadership Empowerment Techniques, Professional Grooming and Deportment Courses, Stress Management Techniques, Cross Cultural Business Ethics and Tourism Promotion among other topics.
The Institute provides avenues of knowledge and opportunities of training, development and research for public servants, Diplomats and International Foreign service personnel and Practitioners in International relations.

It conducts researches in challenges facing particularly governments, parliaments, stakeholders, peoples and societies in Africa and globally to positively contribute towards constructive policy input, promote informed public discourse and develop leadership, research and excellence thus acting as a window for foreign policy enrichment in developing countries and world-wide. The Institution links up with universities and international institutions. It engages the services of university professors, Eminent Persons and Sports Personalities, former Ambassadors, Diplomats, Public Servants and renowned Academics countrywide.