Corporate Training

At the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy we give corporate training to government departments and individuals to unlock their creativity and an opportunity to learn to deliver more for the benefit of the organisation and their professional development.

With our Corporate Training Workshops, we offer organisations and their staff the prospect to reap the benefits of our unique programmes that impart skills which can be taken and applied to a range of business settings. Give your company’s members of staff the opportunity to upgrade their performance now!

Through our varied informative and creative Workshops, we tailor-make each Training to meet each company’s demands and needs; and our Corporate Training workshops are available in 4-day, 3-day, 2-day and 1-day customized formats focused around your company’s specific needs.

Leadership training; Business Protocol training; Business Etiquette training; Customer Service training; Professional Grooming training; Communication Skills training; Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and Report Writing training are some of the vital Corporate Training Works at the Institute.