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In this contemporary world where you can obtain a first class university degree but you cannot get employment; you can spend so many years in the labour market but still cannot obtain a job; you attended countless interviews but you only get regrets or you pray about the job but still your prayer is not being answered; you are running a business for so long but it gives you no profit and you are contemplating closing it. Join us at the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy and realise that dream job, that dream successful business plan to empower you to turn your entire No’s into Yes’s through soft skills application.

For more than 5 years, the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy has provided Diplomacy, Etiquette and Protocol training for business executives, corporations, politicians, municipal groups, schools, outreach programs, at-risk adults and youth, teachers, teens, children, and individuals through the School of Protocol, School of Diplomacy, School of Etiquette and the Etiquette and Grooming Programme for Little Ladies and Gentlemen.