Individual Mentoring

Our Centre for Mentoring & Coaching creates high performing leaders and organisations. We value integrity, ethical practice and the developing strength of diversity whilst providing fundamental and challenging interventions. Our work is supportive, enabling and highly solution focused based on encouraging new thinking by our clients. Ours is not a "prescriptive" practice; we build trust to get behind the surface to deep rooted issues which need fixing and to formulate owned solutions.

The Leader as Mentor

The young employees of today are the future business leaders of tomorrow. As leaders, we have an obligation to help our future by training and mentoring tomorrow’s leaders today. How do we develop and keep the best young talent in an organization? The answer is using a mentoring program. This experiential programme assist the leaders of today to help develop today’s talent into tomorrow’s leaders. Companies that leverage the leadership and experience of senior employees can develop and maintain the talent they have in-house.

Mentoring for Professional Development

Every profession has its own standards and practices. It is essential that the practice of mentoring be an integral part of larger organizational goals to ensure that mentoring efforts contribute to successful business outcomes.

What to expect

  • To contribute fresh ideas and be offered new opportunities.
  • To be acknowledged for your accomplishments, hard work and effort.
  • To learn in fresh and interesting ways.
  • To receive clear communication without techno-jargon.
  • To make a personal and professional connection.
  • To be respected by a collaborative partner.