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CMED Easygo Instructors get Life-coaching Experience

The Zimbabwe Institute of diplomacy conducted a specialized workshop on effective speaking, teaching and presentation skills to the CMED Easygo Driving instructors from 8-9 November 2021. The tailor-made course covered effective learner-driver coaching methodologies, effective lesson delivery techniques and learner-impact based practices. The course also covered professionalism, image dynamics, VIP and general protocol procedures for handling learners. The application of diplomacy in handling both difficult learners and difficult co-workers included in the package.

The mentorship was conducted by MR. V.A Chikanda, a protocol, customer service and human resources consultant at the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy. The graduation was graced by Ms Mafura (CMED Human Resources Manager), Ms N. Mangidza, (Legal Advisor to CMED) and Mr. Edmund Usayiwevu (Easygo Manager).

Testimony after the course “Good afternoon Mr. Chikanda, thank you so very much for the course I attended on the 8th and 9th. I am a born again person in my work. I indeed appreciate your tutelage. Please keep it up.” – Mark S. Makhalima

The course was a breakthrough in self-realization, efficacy in life-saving work for the instructors. It was a contribution to road safety and security in Zimbabwe. – Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy