EU provider of global peace , security and human rights-EU Ambassador

‘Today we are living in a world of Global disorder, no crisis is far away in this new Global order where threats are spreading regardless of boarders from terrorists and organized international crimes’. This was said by His Excellency T. Olkkonen during his presentation. He reiterated that isolationism in not an option in such a Global order. The European Union is therefore Engaging and re engaging with the world for cooperation in terms of security, peace and economic development.  The European Union has a responsibility to increase cooperation and encouraged all states to come together. It has been heavily engaged with Somalia and Mali in safeguarding Human Rights.

The European Union’s international model is based on a win-win situation, which was necessitated by the co-founding fathers of the Union. Ambassador Olkkonen insinuated that Europe advocates for multilateralism vis a vis unilateralism which is a threat to global order and rules. With regards to Africa, his excellency mentioned that the European Union is the main donor and he concluded that Africans should shun  focusing on domestic aspects only but to engage more especially with their neighbours.

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