New ARIPO Staff gets another training on International Protocol, grooming and deportment from Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy

International protocol, grooming and deportment, dealing with difficult People, stress management, business etiquette and professional and branding skills are a necessity for the development of any institution. These soft skills plays a significant role in maintaining professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency in a workplace therefore, The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) staff undertook the training which was facilitated by Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy. The participants applauded the training since they insinuated that the course was practical and some soft skills which were imparted to them were relevant to International Civil Servants. It is against this background that Mr V A Chikanda encouraged these International servants to breath, think and live ARIPO as this is the home that they spend plenty of their time. The Head of  Human Capital stipulated that he will not seize to engage Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy.

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