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Professional Grooming and Business Etiquette Workshop for InnBucks Executives

The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy conducted a transformative training session for InnBucks Executives and Senior Management on April 11th and 12th, 2024, focusing on essential skills such as Etiquette, Professional Branding, Leadership, and Professional Grooming. Mr. Chikanda, a seasoned facilitator, led the sessions with expertise and finesse, guiding participants on the nuances of presenting themselves professionally and effectively in the business world.

The training highlighted the significance of first impressions, effective communication, and leadership qualities in building a successful career. Participants were equipped with valuable insights and practical knowledge to enhance their professional image and excel in their roles within the organization. This training underscored the commitment of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy to nurturing and developing a skilled workforce capable of thriving in today’s competitive business landscape.