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Happy Heroes Day 2021

A hero is someone who acts selflessly, without thinking of rewards. Someone who is willing to put themselves at risk for the sake of someone else or a higher cause.

As Zimbabwe continues to enjoy peace and sovereignty, National Heroes Day provide us with a chance to reflect on, and acknowledge the work and sacrifices of our pioneers, great leaders , Heroes and Heroine who have built our beloved country and set the foundation for a new social order. Our heroes and heroines all had great belief in and love for their country. They had a vision for Zimbabwe and they were determined to make it a reality even if it meant sacrificing their lives.

National Heroes Day is a commemoration of acts of heroism, patriotism, dedication, sacrifice and service that have shaped and laid the basis for the present. Many of these acts of heroism and patriotism continue to be carried out every day by ordinary Zimbabweans.

Today, we need new heroes who will champion the economic sovereignty of Zimbabwe.

We need additional heroes who will stand up against corruption in politics and public life.  We need new heroes who will champion the education and empowerment of all our people.

During this period, we take inspiration from sacrifices of fallen and living heroes. We learn from their struggles and find desire and strength and will to triumph over the many challenges and obstacles confronting us today.

We recognize, on this day those who have taken up the mantle of our Heroes and Heroines and made significant contributions to the social, economic, political and spiritual development of our nation and the developing world.

As we reflect on what has been achieved, let us become heroes for a new vision for Zimbabwe. Let us pursue that vision with faith, optimism and a sense of purpose.

Let us use our troubled past as a foundation of a prosperous future. Let us use our differences to build a united Zimbabwe for, in diversity we find strength and desire to remain standing.

We join all Zimbabweans in celebrating this Great day. We join all Zimbabweans to pay tribute and gratitude to our fallen and living heroes.

Thank you.

Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy