Train-the-Trainer Courses


Facilitating a training session can be scary endeavor for those who have never done it before. This basic train-the-trainer workshop addresses the basics of facilitation and what it takes to effectively deliver a programme.

Recipients receiving training of any kind from academic to athletic to in-company usually make the assumption that their trainer is a qualified and knowledgeable trainer. However, not all trainers are experts at what they teach or how to teach it (Except ours of course, they’re all fantastic!).

We strongly believe that all trainers should be trained both in the subject they teach and how to teach it. That is why we run our Train the Trainer course, a highly popular workshop that teaches the best-practice adult training approach.

Programme Objectives

At this programme’s conclusion, participants should be able to,

  • Describe the essential skills needed to facilitate
  • Demonstrate how to be genuine and their individual talents to connect with others
  • Explain how to ask good questions
  • Describe active-listening skills and their importance during a session
  • Practice rapport-building strategies
  • Deliver a solid training session

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