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Wednesday, 14 July 2010 04:20

Is one of the building blocks of international relations. This module offers a practitioner’s perspective, looking at concept, and how these operate in real life as countries work to promote their interest in the contemporary global environment. The module provides participants with the tools to analyse world affairs and attempts to impart with them the craft skills of diplomacy. Participants will sharpen their analytical skills and become aware of the complex and concurrent objectives that countries pursue in their external relationships and how this makes the foreign ministry the hub of dynamic network that many actors, state and non state, each with a legitimate role in foreign affairs.


  • To provide participants with an overview of the objectives and scope of diplomacy.
  • To assist participants in developing their awareness of the importance of diplomacy in promoting national interest in the global environment.
  • To enhance participants knowledge and skills in handling the media in the context of diplomacy and advocacy.

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